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Hi All,

In these weeks and months of the lockdown, the Aldershot Town Centre Pastoral Team is still active even though we are no longer on the streets by day or night.

We still care for our town and are particularly aware of the many different pressures and anxieties that this time brings in different ways to almost everyone. We are committed to being available to be contacted and we will respond to any request for prayer and will be committed to praying for you all.

Our main platform is our Facebook page where you can ask for prayer in the comments section and where we offer some short thoughts and reflections each week.

It is okay not to be okay in these times and we believe that the presence of God and prayer can bring hope and light in what seems very uncertain, anxious and even dark times.

You can contact us if you just want to chat or if you have any prayers you would like you can contact us privately via email, by filling in our contact form or you can call 07704 012533.

Stay safe,
Rev. George Newton

The Aldershot Town Centre Pastoral Team comprises Christians from most of the Christian churches in the Aldershot area.

Primarily, it is a night-time outreach with a presence in the town centre every Friday and Saturday night throughout the year, as well as on a few other occasions.

We have a stall with lollies, Mars bars, flip-flops, bottles of water, hot drinks, “Spikeys“, space blankets as well as helpful literature. There are also teams out during the day, primarily Thursdays, which is market day, both with a table in the Wellington Centre and patrols of one or two.

It is a distinctively Christian ministry, aiming to listen, encourage, help, bless and pray for any and all we may meet, in a sensitive way.

We meet and engage with several thousand people every year, many of whom open up about significantly deep and painful issues in their lives which we can then pray for, offer practical, emotional and spiritual help as well as signpost to other specialist organisations.

The team, as it is now, was started on 1st May 2008 but has its roots in a monthly church outreach from one of the local churches which started three years previously.

The police have noticed (and commented upon) how, when the teams are out, the crime and incident rates drop significantly.